Hope Deferred Part II: Right Place, Wrong Time

The school bell has rung, class is now in session.

You may be in the right country, but in the wrong province.

You may be in the right continent, but wrong nation.

You may be in the right country, but in the wrong state.

You may be in the right state, but in the wrong county.

You may be operating on the right continent, but in the wrong season. When you operate in your season, life becomes easier because you are in right alignment with your purpose. Season is about timing. Greatness comes when you are in the right time and season.

You may be gifted in certain areas, but are operating in the wrong office/position. Think of your God-given gifts, and talents as furniture. Think of the position you occupy at church, work, or volunteer organization, as an office space. Because every office does not have the same circumference, some furniture will not fit in certain offices. Make sure your office/position is complimentary to your gifting/furniture. Recognize when you are in over your head, because not doing so will be detrimental to you spiritually, mentally and physically.

If you are in the right place at the right time; you will have the grace to accomplish what you need, and are purposed to do. You will also be at peace.

You may be in the city of your destiny, but taking the wrong road to get to your destination.

For example – The Lord could be leading you to a certain destination and told you to take a specific path/road, but you let distractions get in the way, so you end up turning off too soon. If you had stayed on the correct path, it may have been less difficult and shorter. Instead, you took another exit, and ended up in the midst of turmoil and a storm.

The good thing about God is that there is still hope. He can still establish your steps in the midst of delay, and get you to the right destination; you just may have a few bumps and scrapes after you arrive.

Going forward in 2023, I pray that each of you walk in your purpose, are at peace within yourselves, and are in the Right Places, at the Right Time.

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The school bell has rung. Class dismissed!


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