Speaking Engagements

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Rebranding Speaking Topics

1. Next Steps for Career Changers

2. Networking tips and how to put them to good use

3. Interview Techniques that will Increase your Chances of Landing your Dream Job

4. Business Startups – Deciding on the Right Business for you

Educational Speaking Topics 

1. The Value of Career and Technical Education in Addressing College and Career Readiness and the Ill-Prepared Workforce

2. Principal X and Principal Y’s Approach to School Transformation

3. Narrowing the Achievement Gap Among Minorities 

4. Teacher Superpowers: Proven Strategies to Improve Classroom Management and Productivity 

5. Help, my School is out of Control! Leadership Strategies Proven to Work

6. PTA and PTO: Why Every School Needs One

7. Dissertation Coaching

8. Thesis Coaching

  • Can provide workshop training on different topics based on request, please refer to contact page 

Speaking Engagements

June 1, 2021 SIT Retreat – The Marigold Effect

October 10, 2020 10 District Professional Development – Ways Teachers use Breakout Rooms in Remote Learning

August 11, 2020 District Professional Development – Google Meets Remote Learning

May 7, 2020 Clicksuasion Labs – Consumer Uncertainty Amongst COVID-19 –  to register go here: https://hopin.to/events/consumer-uncertainty-amongst-covid-19?ref=cf575e0c7265

February 2020 TechConference – Securing Students’ Attention and Rigor? Not Again!

April 2019 TechConference – Benefits of the Flipped Classroom

May 2019 District PTA Meeting – Ensure your child is College and Career Ready

May 2018 School PTA Training – The Importance of EOGs/EOCs and Homework

September 2018 School-Wide training – Preparing Learners in the Digital Age

October 2015  Youth Conference – Disobedience and Compromise: A Recipe for Disaster