Remember Lot’s Wife: Do not Look Back

Be Encouraged

Eyes on Israel

The school bell has rung, class is in now in session. Someone very dear to me shared this video earlier and of course I had to share it on my page. It was created by the AoC network. This video was filled with aha moments, and reminded me how God can orchestrate the varying partsContinue reading “Eyes on Israel”

The Crossroads Between the Ed.D. and Ph. D. Program

The school bell has rung and class is now in session Good day or evening, depending on your time-zone. I just wanted to write a blog about Ed.D.’s and Ph.D.’s because I have had a few people, who do not have either degree, ask about the differences or whether one is better than the other. Let me prefaceContinue reading “The Crossroads Between the Ed.D. and Ph. D. Program”