Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching Institute

The school bell has rung, class is now in session.

I recently attended Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching Institute and it was a fascinating experience! If you are interested in becoming an Instructional Coach, Establishing an Effective Coaching Program, or becoming an innovative Instructional Leader in your school or business, I have some books I would like to recommend below. We also offer consulting! If interested click on one of the links: Bring ICG to my District and Complimentary Consultation.

Now, back to my experience 🙂 We were in the lovely city of Lawrence, Kansas. I stayed downtown in the TownPlace Suites by Marriott and our Instructional Coaching Institute was held down the street in the beautiful Maceli’s Banquet Hall.


I have been to many trainings throughout my years in education, and it is rare to gain skills on both, the professional and personal level. The training started with the book Better Conversations. If strategies are needed to improve talking and listening to people, professionally and personally, this BOOK is for you. I did not expect the amount of reflection it would cause me to have on some of my own conversations, but it also shed light on ways to make them better. #funfact I think I will start purchasing these books for married couples as well!


Another book we went over the following day was The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching. This book offers a blueprint for establishing, administering, and assessing an instructional coaching program. This is great for Administrators or Instructional Coaches when trying to ensure they have a quality model within their school and district. Which leads me to the next book Evaluating Instructional Coaching: People, Programs and Partnerships. There was a major need for this book because few schools how the tools needed to evaluate coaching. This book focuses on four key ‘How to’ areas for creating powerful instructional coaching programs that bring about changes not only in classroom practice but also in student learning and engagement.


The next day we touched on The Instructional Playbook – The Missing Link for Translating Research into Practice. The playbook serves as a support for best strategies with the best research base that best target teachers’ goals for students. The Instructional Playbook was written by the consultant team at the Instructional Coaching Group, professional development providers whose mission is to provide better learning and better lives for all students.

I also would like to take the time to invite you to #TLC2023 in the beautiful Orlando, FL in October! I am including a trailer below about the Teaching Learning Coaching Conference, and a link to my post from last year’s conference #TLC2022 ——-> here

Continue to be a Life-Long Learner, and keep your mind sharp!

The school bell has rung, class dismissed.


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