Hope Deferred Part I: The Butler and The Baker

The school bell has rung, class is now in session.

When Joseph was in prison after being falsely accused, much time had passed. Eventually, new occupants arrived from the royal court to the prison, the Butler, and the Baker. Both gentlemen had done something terribly wrong to offend the King of Egypt (Pharoah) and were thrown into prison.

Joseph was given the title, Captain of the Guards because of his moral reputation and trustworthiness. This may sound like an oxymoron for a prisoner, but if you knew the history of Joseph, you would certainly understand. To learn more about him check out the overview of his story at the end of the post.

One morning, both the Butler and the Baker woke up feeling troubled. Joseph noticed and asked them what was wrong. They told him that they both had dreams that disturbed them and wanted to know what it meant. In those times, dreams where considered divine messages and needed interpretation. Being in prison, they did not have access to any of the professional pagan dream interpreters that were normally assigned, so they were vexed about it.

Joseph told them it was God who gave the interpretation of dreams and that God will interpret their dreams. By sharing this, Joseph is showing his humility, belief in God and that God is fully in control.

The Dream

Joseph asked the Butler to share his dream first and the Baker second. After the Butler shared his dream, Joseph said, “The three branches represent three days. Within three days, Pharaoh will summon you to the palace. Pharaoh will lift up your head and restore you to your position, and you will put Pharaoh’s cup in his hand, just as you used to do when you were his cupbearer.” Joseph went on to ask the Butler to please remember him to Pharaoh. Three days later, the Butler was restored to his job in Pharaoh’s court.

After the Baker shared his dream, Joseph said, “The three baskets also represent three days. In three days, you will be summoned to Pharaoh’s court. Pharaoh will lift up your head to be hanged and your body will be impaled on a pole and the birds will eat away at your flesh.” The dream interpretation came to pass for both men. One was restored and the other was hanged.

The Butler forgot to mention Joseph to Pharoah.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years since Joseph had been in prison. It appeared that all he could count on to happen were setbacks. It started when he was younger, after deciding to share his dreams with his brothers. The dreams made them so jealous and upset that they alienated him, threw him in a pit, and eventually sold him into slavery to Egypt.

God’s favor was still on Joseph’s life. His godly, moral character and intelligence caught the eye of his employer and he was promoted in the House of Potiphar. After resisting Potiphar’s wife’s advances, he was thrown into prison because of her false accusations. (Genesis 39, 40) While in prison, he was elevated to the title Captain of the Guards, but after helping the Butler, he was still forgotten yet again.

Do you feel as though you are in a dark prison right now in your life, or that God has forgotten you? I have good news, if you are a Disciple of Christ, and are faithful to Him, He has not forgotten you.

Joseph remained faithful to God throughout all of his hard times. He had many ups and downs, setbacks and false accusations. He continued to live according to the commandments in the Bible and because of his steadfastness; God’s hand remained on him, even when he felt alone. God’s hand is also on you. Whenever you feel that you have made one step forward, but three steps back, remember Joseph.

Years later, Pharoah had a dream that none of his professional pagan-dream interpreters could understand. Pharaoh was quite troubled and threaten to execute his sorcerers if they did not provide the interpretation he needed to hear, by a certain time.

The Butler remembered Joseph.

Joseph was summoned to Pharaoh and asked to interpret his dream. Joseph told Pharoah it was God who gave the interpretation and went on to interpret the dream. (Be sure to give all glory to God) To see what Pharoah’s dream was about this click here.

After Joseph was able, through God, to interpret the dream, he ended up being promoted as second in charge in Egypt. Pharoah also recognized Joseph’s God as all-knowing. When you are feeling forgotten, know that is all a part of the process.

The school bell has rung, class dismissed.

Overview of Joseph’s Story


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    I like your style of writing!


    1. Thank you ever so, I appreciate that!

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        Are you a teacher?


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