The school bell has rung, class is now in season.

I have returned from the 17th Annual Teaching Learning Coaching Conference, and it was phenomenal! Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching Group hosted the event at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa located in San Antonio, Texas.

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa

There was such a wealth of knowledge present, that I could not stop taking notes. I am looking forward to taking more time to reflect so that I can start unpacking the information and applying it.

I am grateful that Jim Knight saw value in me and provided the opportunity to present a breakout session. I highly recommend that you take a look at his website if you are a District or School Administrator, Instructional Coach, Curriculum Facilitator, or Teacher that is interested in successful research based strategies. https://www.instructionalcoaching.com/jim-knight/

Now I will share a few collages I put together from the event.

A few nuggets

In the photo above, Jim Knight took his staff and presenters to Mi Tierra Cafe, and it was delicious! The conversation was exciting and positive. So much so, I forgot to take a picture of my food lol.

Dr. Tate and I – after Mi Tierra’s I caught up with her and got a chance to tell her that ten years ago, when my old principal hired her to do a PD for the new teachers for our high school, that her research based strategies on the brain, transformed my classroom forever.

In the video photo above, we were having s’mores. Each night, a s’mores kit could be picked up from the front desk in order to go to the fire pit for s’mores.

The final day

I must say that after leaving the conference, I felt like a person who had just enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving meal with their family. I was full, content, satisfied, and looking forward to the next meal. This conference brought some things into perspective for me, and I believe it was ordained. *Do not miss your Kairos Moments*

Hopefully you will consider joining us next year in Orlando, Florida for the 18th Annual Teaching Learning Coaching Conference. It’s going to be well worth your while!

The school bell has rung, class dismissed.


3 thoughts on “#TLC2022

  1. Hi Kamina, I am glad you shared your conference and it seems very worthwhile from your pics! Beautiful place.. Was part of your content the soothing environment? 😌

    P.S. Your smile is so lovely. 😍


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