Little Red Riding Hood and The Spirits of Intimidation

The school bell has rung, class is now in session.

There are people who operate in the Spirit of Intimidation. Some do it to exert power over another, while others do it out of jealousy and spite. Regardless of the reason behind the intimidation, you do not have to accept when it comes against you. You may wonder, “How can I recognize the Spirit of Intimidation? How can I fight it?” I am glad you asked, because this spirit and behavior manifest itself in different ways. Grabbed a snack, beverage and sit back, because it is Story Time.

How many remembers the story of Little Red Riding Hood? For the few who do not remember, it is a European fairytale about a young girl, and a sly wolf. There are two official versions of the story, and many adaptations. I plan to do my own adaptation, but wanted to share some important background information on the original storyline first.

“Stay strictly on the path,” her mother said.

In the story of Little Red Riding Hood, she planned to take a basket over to her sick Grandmother’s house. Before she left, her mother instructed her to stay on the path and do not veer off. As she walked the path, a wolf appeared and told her that she should pick some flowers as a present for her Grandmother, and she did. This activity caused her some delay, and the wolf ran to her Grandmother’s home in a red cape, pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH). The wolf proceeded to eat the Grandmother, put on her clothing and excitedly waited for LRRH. When she arrived, she noted that something was different about her Grandmother’s voice, eyes, hands and mouth. They seemed to have transformed from their original appearance. By the time she realized the deception, it was too late, and the wolf devoured her.

Deception was realized too late.

Do not get too sad about the story yet, according to the Brothers Grimm version, a hero appeared. A hunter, heard the commotion from nearby; rushed in and cut the wolf while he slept deeply. The Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood were released, unharmed. The hunter then filled the wolf’s belly with rocks so that when he awoke, he could barely run. The two endings that have been told are:

1. The wolf fell and died

2. The wolf tried to get water, fell inside the well and drowned.

Either way, evil was overcome by good.

This brings me to my adaptation: Little Red Riding Hood and the Spirits of Intimidation.

*The spirits I will talk about are the Lion, Adder and Dragon.

Little Red Riding Hood was on her way to her Grandmother’s house, with the mission to deliver a basket and bring comfort to her grandmother. Unbeknownst to her, there were Spirits of Intimidation waiting in the forest of her mind, to thwart her from the appointed destination.

*Note* Children of God, if you are in obedience to Christ’s Word and following the path He has put before you; even if there is a delay, nothing and no-one will be able to stop what God is doing in your life. If they try, it will not be well for them. Remain in wisdom.

In order to avoid the fight that Little Red Riding Hood experienced in the other stories, try recognizing and discerning the main weapons of your enemies. Do this ahead of time. The weapons are as follows, a Loud Roar, Hissing Whispers, and Fantastic Heat/Pressure.

Enemy Number One: The Lion

Enemy Characteristics: LOUD ROAR – Intimidation through words, menacing messages and loud roaring.

Victim reaction: Frozen with fear, cowering

Encounter: Unexpected, unplanned, sudden

When you come in contact with the lion, you will feel frozen with fear. Fear of the loud, rattling, sound, and fear of the fatal attack that is sure to follow.

Enemy Number Two: The Adder

Enemy Characteristics: HISSING WHISPERS – Spreading second & third-hand information. Plotting and scheming behind the scenes.

Victim Reaction: Betrayal, shock, mistrust, downtrodden

Encounter: Slither quietly, gets close enough to attack

It is uncommon to come face-to-face with an Adder because this particular enemy prefers to attack when you are unaware. Their venomous strike is usually discovered after it has occurred.

Enemy Number Three: The Dragon

Enemy Characteristics: FANTASTIC HEAT/PRESSURE – Mental attacks, making problems appear larger than they really are

Victim Reaction: Fight or flight mode, mental breakdown, feeling of despair, stressed

Encounter: Fearful of things that have not happened, and robber of peace

While we do not physically see dragons on the earth, these enemies can cast a genuine fear in the minds of people.

I love the acronym, False.Evidence.Appearing.Real. (FEAR) because it serves as a reminder for us to think about what we are up against before reacting.

As Little Red Riding Hood continues on the path to her appointed destination, she will encounter the wolf, or in this case, the Spirits of Intimidation, but she does not have to fall prey to their snare. According to Psalms 91:13, she will be able to tread, and trample them.

What does this mean?

In other words, Little Red Riding Hood will come out victorious and can peacefully continue down the path to her appointed destination without worry of effective opposition from her enemies.

According to Merriam-Webster, Intimidate is defined as:

If you sense that something or someone is trying to compel, deter, or threaten you away from your goal, or promise; go to your Heavenly Father in prayer. Enemies of this sort are out of your league, and can be hard to defeat. If you take your concerns to the alter in prayer, and leave it, you will have the proper outcome.

In the end of my adaptation of the story, Little Red Riding Hood reached her destination, gave her Grandmother the basket and was able to nurse her back to health. Everyone has a destination, and a purpose/calling to do once they get there, but enemies will be encountered along the way. The key is for you to combat them through prayer and supplication.

Interesting facts from one of the Little Red Riding Hood versions:

  1. The wolf gobbled up the Grandmother and put on her clothes. This is another thing our enemy does, disguise themselves as someone we know, and care about, in order to gain our trust. Do not be deceived.
  2. Pretend they care for us. When the wolf put on the Grandmother’s clothing, and Little Red Riding Hood came over; he bid her to come closer so he could better greet, see, and embrace her. All of this charm took place while planning to devour her.
  3. The hunter told Little Red Riding Hood to listen to her mother and stay on the path because the forest was unsafe. There will always be a warning, or red flag before the enemy strikes.

There are two endings to the Little Red Riding Hood Fairytale. One of the versions end with the wolf eating the Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood, then falling asleep. The other ending consisted of the hunter coming into the house while the wolf was in a deep sleep, and cutting the Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood out of the wolf’s stomach. After they were safe, the hunter filled the wolf’s stomach with rocks, which ended up being his downfall. The wolf received the same fate, he had planned for his victims.

Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother lived happily, ever, after.

The school bell has rung, class dismissed!


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