Mr. Brian Edkins – Everyone’s Marigold

I have to take the time to remember one of my principals that believed in me during a rough time in my life. I received news of his sudden passing, and immediately went into shock. This is the first principal I have worked for to pass.

When I became a new Teacher in the early 2000s, I had always heard about Mr. Edkins from people who worked with him. During Professional Developments, his staff would always talk about the fun things they did at their school, along the positive School Culture and Climate created in the building. Fast forward to a few years ago, I finally had an opportunity to interview and work for him myself; and was pleasantly surprised to find out that all the good things I had heard were true! He was a such a pleasure. One of the things he did, that I want to share is about the Marigold Effect story. When you work for him, he had a concept of choosing a Marigold of the Month for a New Teacher, Teacher and Support Staff.

To read more on the Marigold Effect click here

The person was chosen based on how many Marigold letters they received each month. A Marigold letter consisted of recognizing when someone on staff did something kind towards you or others, then placed it in a box. The Admin Team would count the letters, and the New Teacher, Teacher and Support Staff that received the most each month would win, and be recognize. Mr. Edkins really did it in style too! Here is a video

Everyone who knew him, knew he was a Master Storyteller, always having a story for any situation! The last time I spoke to him was to let him know I became an Assistant Principal, and he was so happy for me. He is a person who took the time to share with me his journey, encourage and gave advice, mixed in with laughter. He will be missed tremendously. I am praying for his family, friends and all of the lives of those he has touched. “Success, Nothing Less!” “Two claps, and a Ric Flair!” #bnice


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  1. marlagro says:

    I’m so sorry Kamina. I watched the video and love the philosophy of “celebrating.” What a wonderful person.

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    1. Thank you Marla, he truly was.

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      1. marlagro says:

        Are you hanging in there?


      2. I am, thank you for asking :]

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      3. marlagro says:

        Ok. Thank you.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    You are so right about bnice! He touched so many with his positivity and laughs! We were blessed to work with him!

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    1. We were blessed to work with him, and have so many wonderful memories!


  3. Michael Fulton says:

    Absolutely 💯!

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