The Second Black Sheep

The school bell has rung, class is now in session.

I would like to talk about the black sheep, but not in the way one may suppose. I want to talk about the other black sheep.

Did you know there are two types of black sheep? The first black sheep is considered to be a rebel, and menace to society. They usually stand out because they like to purposely break the rules.

The second black sheep is the opposite, but treated like the first. This is an issue because the second black sheep is not a bad sheep. The question posed is, “Why would someone purpose in their heart to ostracize and label another individual a black sheep? When does this take place and how is the behavior recognized?”

Why would someone purpose in their heart to ostracize and label another individual a black sheep?

Some of the reasons include, but are not limited too, misinformation, jealousy, and the crab mentality.


The second black sheep is often classified as such, due to a misleading narrative. There is often a story, or two that went around about them that had never been verified, like the telephone game played as children. Once the information was shared several times, the storyline became nothing more than embellished untruth.

Essentially, resulting in the white sheep’s transformation to a black sheep.

Remedy – Go to the source and inquire about the information, so they can confirm or dispute it. Unfortunately, most people do not do this, but instead perpetuate the information for days, weeks, months and sometimes years.


The second way a black sheep is created is by the Green Eyed Monster, named Jealousy. If a person becomes envious of a certain aspect in another person, they usually begin to think about it in their hearts and minds. The next action is usually to start having “innocent” sidebar conversations about the potential black sheep, in order to gather a “support system” of people who feel the same way they do. The sideboard conversations eventually become a norm, and voila, the second black sheep is born.

The Crab Mentality

This is a mentality that some people have, who aim to reduce the self-confidence of others who are achieving certain goals for themselves. The crabs not only identify this person as a black sheep, they also spread false information about them to others in order to create teams against the black sheep nominee. The opposite of this behavior would be to mentor, pour into, and lift up, but ordinarily does not occur.

When does this take place and how is the behavior recognized?

Some of the places this behavior is recognized is in the home, church, work, civic organizations, among family, and friends. Anywhere there are people, there will be a risk of being labeled as a black sheep.

While it is not a pleasant position to be in, it could be God-Ordained. I have read throughout the Bible about people who were doing all of the right things, but were still treated like a black sheep. These people were always being used by God because society had written them off due to misinformation, jealousy and not wanting to see them elevated.

I have some pertinent information to report, God’s plans and purpose for a person’s life cannot be stopped by anyone, but that person. He said as long as we are obedient to him, and walk according to his ways, no-one can pluck us out of his hand.

This should bring much comfort, because if you are feeling like the second black sheep right now, you probably have a really important calling on your life. Be encouraged and stay obedient to God. Focus your eyes on him and not man.

The school bell has rung, class dismissed!

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