From Hosannah, To Crucify

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There was a time when Jesus entered into a city during Holy Week, and people started singing His praises crying, “Hosannah Hosannah!” The same crowd went from singing his praises to condemning him a few days later. Why? Because they got caught up with the voices around them. These people were asked whether they wanted to crucify a murderer, or Jesus. They responded to crucify the one they supported a few days before.

This is a prime example of people supporting a person one minute, then shortly afterwards saying the opposite about them. It can be hurtful, but do not lose heart because if they did it to Jesus, it can certainly happen to anyone. We cannot control how others respond to the voices (gossip) around them, but we can control how we respond.

For more strategies on how to deal with being treated different, check out one of my old post The Second Black Sheep. I hope it is a blessing and encouragement to you.

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Micaiah vs The 400 False Prophets: 1 Kings 22

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Resolutions and Goals, are just a couple of buzz words that follow a New Year.

As we make decisions about our goals for 2022, it is important that we consider the motivations and intentions behind those plans. This lesson was taught brilliantly by the Prophet Micaiah, in the Book of 1 Kings, Chapter 22.

King Ahab (King of Israel), and King Jehoshaphat (King of Judah) had an important decision to make. The decision stemmed from a goal of the evil King Ahab to gain control over another city. He knew he could not defeat the army of the neighboring city alone, so he solicited the help of his relative, King Jehoshaphat.

King Ahab shared his plan with King Jehoshaphat, and King Jehoshaphat being a Man of God, asked Ahab if he sought God on the matter. King Ahab decided to send for his 400 prophets. Keep in mind these prophets were called by the king, and not by God. All 400 of the prophets told King Ahab, and King Jehoshaphat if they go forth, and take over the city, they would be successful.

*Important Point*

These prophets were known as yes-men to King Ahab, and usually went along with whatever he said. Be careful of “yes-men” types in your life. You do not need people who are always in agreement with you, especially if their agreement does not align with God’s perfect will for your life.

After hearing all 400 of these prophets, prophecy, King Jehoshaphat discerned they may not be hearing from God. He then asked if there was a true Man of God and Prophet in the land? King Ahab answered that there was one, but he did not like to hear from him because he never prophesied anything good to him.

*Important Point*

Before making a decision, seek Godly counsel. Pray for discernment that you are not deceived by a wrong source of information.

King Jehoshaphat asked that the man come before them. King Ahab’s servants went to retrieve the Man of God, the Prophet Micaiah. The servant told Micaiah to be sure to agree with King Ahab. Micaiah said, “What the Lord saith unto me, that will I speak” (verse 14).

He stood before both Kings, and all the prophets in a huge arena. Micaiah said to King Ahab, “Go and prosper, for the Lord shall deliver the city into the hand of the king” (verse 15b). King Ahab must have sensed that the prophet was not really speaking what God told him, and instructed him to tell the truth. The truth was not pretty.

*Important Point*

The advice you need to hear may not always be the advice you want to hear. Adhere to the truth because it could end up saving your life.

Micaiah told King Ahab the vision he had seen, the vision is quite spectacular, I will put a link below so you can read it for yourself.

Micaiah let King Ahab know he would not survive the battle against the city if he continues with his plan to overtake them, and that his followers would be defeated, and scattered. Micaiah said that King Ahab’s army would be like sheep without a shepherd; scattered because there would no longer be a shepherd to lead them.

The spokesman of the 400 prophets, Zedekiah slapped Micaiah for his prophecy. King Ahab looked at King Jehoshaphat, and whined that he knew Micaiah would not say anything good.

*Important Point*

It is natural to respond negatively to truth, especially when it is something you do not want to hear. Take time to reflect on your plans, seek God and make sure you are going in the right direction.

King Ahab ordered for Micaiah to be put in jail until he comes back from the battle safely. King Ahab was afraid, but too greedy to not pursue his goals. He decided to beat his fate by dressing King Jehoshaphat in his royal robes so that the enemy would not recognize him. King Jehoshaphat did not know he was being set up, but God’s protection was on him.

*Important Point*

King Ahab was so wicked that he was willing to set up his own relative to get murdered. This why having discernment of spirits is so important, because even a family member or close friend can be a wolf in sheep clothing.

King Jehoshaphat was truly a Man of God, so even though he was wearing the evil king’s attire, He was still protected.

God’s word does not return void, it will accomplish what it sets forth to accomplish; changing clothes was not going to thwart His plans. King Ahab should have known this based previous experience with God.

Let us not follow in his footsteps. When given a warning that could help avoid calamity, adhere to it. There is no room for reckless plans, goals or decisions in 2022.

During the day of battle, King Jehoshaphat was in his chariot, and one of the Syrian soldiers headed straight for him, thinking he was King Ahab. Just as the soldier was about to shoot him with an arrow, King Jehoshaphat cried out to the Lord. The soldier then realized that he was not King Ahab, and retreated.

*Important Point*

Cry out to God in the midst of trouble, He can still redeem and protect.

Elsewhere on the battle field, a Syrian soldier, randomly shot an arrow from afar, and it found an opening in King Ahab’s armor. King Ahab ended up bleeding to death in his chariot. When his followers heard of his death, they were defeated and scattered, just as the true Prophet of God said they would.

Resolutions and Goals for 2022

People of God, as you create plans, set goals and make resolutions for this year; make sure they are aligned with God’s perfect will for your life. Do not be like King Ahab, who hatched a plan in his mind, and found 400 prophets to agree with it.

How do you seek His will? You will find Him through His Word, Prayer and communion with Him. He said if you seek Him, you will find Him, and if you draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to you. You need to set aside time for Him this year, and when you do, His perfect plans, and goals for your life will be revealed.

Happy New Year to you all!

Going forward, consider the source behind everything that enters through your eye, and ear gate. Check the source, and origin of the people speaking into your life, and the information you ingest.

There will be times when you will have a crowd of people cheering, and encouraging you towards a goal you want to accomplish, but make sure you are not listening to The 400 Prophets telling you what you want to hear. Who you give ear to will determine your outcome.

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The Vision of Micaiah is below if you care to read it in more detail.

A Distressing Vision (1 Kings 22:19-23)

Even though King Ahab was upset with Micaiah’s words, the prophet went on to explain an additional vision God had shown him. It was a curious scene in Heaven. Micaiah saw “the Lord sitting on his throne,” and a host of angels (and perhaps other spiritual beings) standing around God’s throne (verse 19). The Lord said to the angelic host, “Who shall persuade (entice) Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead?” (verse 20). God was asking for a volunteer from among the host to go to Ahab and influence him to disregard Micaiah’s prophecy so that he would fall at Ramoth-gilead.

One of the spirits came forward and stood before the Lord and said, “I will persuade (entice) him” (verse 21). When the Lord asked the question “Wherewith?” (or, “How are you going to entice him?”), the spirit replied, “I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets” (verse 22). And the Lord gave the spirit permission to go forth and do that.

It is not necessary for us to press all the details related to this vision. God is accommodating our limited understanding, and so there will likely be some unanswered questions about these verses. In verse 23, after describing the vision, Micaiah spoke directly to King Ahab and said, “The LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning thee.” In essence, Micaiah said to Ahab, “Your prophets may bring you some comfort, but the whole group of counselors is telling lies, and are utterly unreliable.”

The point of the strange vision is this: In some unexplainable manner, God was actively working through Ahab’s false prophets to accomplish His planned divine judgment on Ahab, the wicked king of Israel. (

The Dark Side of the Web

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Video lists: Dark Agenda Exposed, Childhood 2.0, Mom goes Undercover as an 11 year-old

Objective: The learner will discover the negative effects of social media on the development of young people. The learner will be able to analyze shadow banning, and explain how it affects faith-base content creators. The learner will create a theory explaining why supervision is imperative for young people when using social media.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you watch the video(s) below, ask yourself, what is the purpose of these platforms and where do parents and guardians fit into the picture? Please watch with your eyes and your ears, it may help you to create a safer environment for your loved ones in the long run.

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Hold on to your Pearls

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I came across this scripture and it illuminated in my mind. I decided to read it in the commentary in order to gain a better understanding. It mentioned not to give holy things to the dogs, nor things you hold dear to pigs, because neither will appreciate them.

“If we take our wisdom (like precious pearls) and throw it all around without knowing whether it might fall before dogs (an impure or self-righteous heart) or swine (someone who is considered unclean), Jesus warns us that they will likely tear us to pieces. This means they will twist and distort what is said and then come after us!”

There is a time to share, and a time to be silent, lest what you say be misconstrued. Be wise as a serpent, and humble as a dove.

Are these truly my friends?

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Neighborly Deception

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I was studying a chapter in the Book of Joshua, and came across a lesson that would benefit everyone who reads it. Essential Question: Have you ever had an enemy in your life? How did you handle them?

Joshua had many surrounding enemies. It was not because of anything he did, but was because God continued to give him victory over his enemies in battle. Victories can produce jealousy.

The enemies of Joshua and the Israelites were so upset, that some decided to joined together in order to construct a frontal attack on Israel. Note: A typical strategy of an enemy, is to find others who do not like you, and join with them to make their attack even stronger.

The second attack strategy is what I would like to focus on. There was another group of people called the Gibeonites, who decided not to join the others in their head-on attack. They wagered on the use of a different approach, deception. They conspired a plan to pretend to be ambassadors from a far away land and seek sympathy. They took with them moldy bread, wore old patched up sandals and garments, and placed old sacks on the backs of their donkeys.

When they arrived at Camp Gilgal, the group told Joshua and the leaders that they were from far away, showered them with compliments, and asked to please make a covenant with them. Note: Be careful when people seem to want to gain your agreement about certain matters rather quickly, especially when you have not had an opportunity to learn the motives or intentions behind their request. Use discernment.

6. The Gibeonites said that even though they were from far away they had heard about how God was helping the Israelites win all of the land. They asked if the people of Israel would make a special agreement to never hurt the people of Gibeon. The Gibeonite Trick 6.

Joshua asked the group how he could make a covenant with them without knowing exactly who they were or where they were from? For all he knew, they could have been from their enemies’s camp. Joshua knew that God charged him to destroy his neighboring enemies, especially since they were secretly plotting to attack Israel.

The Gibeonites went on to reassure them, that they were not neighbors, but from far away, and had heard all of the great things God had done for the Israelites. Although they were lying about themselves, they were telling the truth about God, and knew it would be pointless to oppose Israel. Note: The Gibeonites did not join the others in their planned ambush against the Israelites because of the Israelites’s reputation for overcoming their enemies. Instead, they decided to pretend to be from far away so that they could obtain a covenant of protection. They even mentioned that their clothes and sandals were worn, and their bread was very moldy in order to make it appear they were from far away. Note: This was a falsehood, they were not from far away, but were willing to stop at nothing to get what they wanted.

Joshua and the leaders took the Gibeonite’s provision, and did not counsel with the Lord about any of it. Joshua made peace with them, and let them live. Note: The main issue here is that they did not seek the Lord about these people. They accepted the deception hook, line and sinker. They chose to walk by sight and not faith, taking everything at face value.

Three days Later, the Gibeonite’s deception came to the surface. The Israelites decided to pay the Gibeonites a visit, but could not harm them because of the covenant they made to the Lord. Note: Even when a bad oath is made, it was a mark of godliness to honor an oath to God. To prove the importance of the oath; years later, King Saul harmed the Gibeonites, and brought famine on the land for his disobedience.

Because of their deception, the Gibeonites were made slaves, but left unharmed. Their motive for lying was the fear of being annihilated. The main takeaway is to seek Godly counsel when making decisions. When your enemy feels desperate, instead of attacking you like a normal enemy would do; they could decide to form an alliance with you based on deception. While the outcome would not be good for them, it would not be great for you either. Note: We do not know everything, and must be sure to not fall victim of our own intellect.

Walk by faith and not by sight.

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