The Little Black Dress – Fight Poverty Today

Friends and family, I want to tell you about a fun and important event I’m doing called the Little Black Dress Initiative. As you may know, I’m a member of the Junior League of Moore County which is a group of hardworking, inspiring women and through the year, we do many things for our community. Some of these things include human trafficking awareness and prevention courses, helping those who are food insecure, collecting items for children in foster care, creating “life books” for them to preserve memories, and much more. 

I’d love to tell you more about what I do with the League, and why I’m wearing my LBD for the next 11 days, but what I’m asking for here is your help! I have a goal to raise $100 to help fund my League and the awesome things we do. If you have it in your heart and feel so compelled to help me help my local community, please click on the link below to donate! Thank you so much! #LBDI #JLMCNC

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