Join The Little Dress Initiative with The Junior League!

With all 2022 has already thrown at us, I’m here to shed a bit of light in your timeline and to shift your focus to something I’m passionate about. I’m a member of the Junior League of Moore County, an organization that is proud to help those in need in our community. In order to fund our operations, we are starting our Little Black Dress Initiative soon! It’s an awareness event and fundraiser that will run from March 1-11.

You will see me posting pictures of me in a Little Black Dress and also lots of information that may surprise you about living in poverty. I hope you’ll help me raise awareness for this campaign by liking and sharing my posts, and if you feel so inclined to donate to my League, it would mean the world to me and the community I serve.

My goal is to raise $100 to help fund some amazing things we do like filling food pantries, helping those in the foster care system, and providing support systems for our youth as they journey into adulthood. I know that our efforts are truly making a difference in my community and I thank you so much for your support! #LBDI #JLMCNC


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