Trojan Horse: The Spirit of Delilah Part 2

The school bell has rung, class is now in session.

In the previous post, the background of Delilah and her dealings with Samson was shared. If her story is unfamiliar, click on this link to revisit.

In the meantime, I would like to focus on the characteristics of the Spirit of Delilah. Delilah was a dangerous enemy to Samson, but he could not see it because of her outer appearance. How often are people, opportunities or things presented to us as a pretty package, only to contain our downfall within?

Bad Things Inside

This is one of the plights of human nature. Acceptance of people, places and things at face value. This reminds me of a passage of scripture when the Lord told the Prophet Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

This also reminds me of the ole adage, you cannot judge a book by its’ cover.


The Philistines tried everything they could to eliminate Samson, but nothing worked until they discovered Delilah, and offered her a deal. You may also be considered a threat to someone in your life, and they may be setting a trap with the Spirit of Delilah against you.

Read through the characteristics below so that you will be equipped should you encounter a Delilah in your life. Disclaimer: These characteristics are based on the behavior demonstrated by Delilah in The Book of Judges Chapter 16.

The Spirit of Delilah: Characteristics

It will show you how attractive it is, try very hard to win your trust, and find out your business, but pay close attention to the authenticity of it. Know the difference between someone truly interested in becoming your friend, and someone feigning friendship to fish for random information.

It can be very beautiful on the outside, but extremely dark on the inside. It shows and says good things in theory, but has different intentions towards you. This is usually noted in what they say and do when they THINK no-one is listening or watching.

It tells you to live for today, and not worry about your future. Making everything all about fun and games, in order to help you lose focus on serious matters.

It draws you in, making you feel like you are a part of the “gang” so that you let your guard down. This goes back to the first characteristic warning, be discerning of those inviting you in. As time goes on, observe how they treat you around certain people, is their behavior consistent?

It draws you in so much, you find yourself becoming an open book, telling that person things you should never share. It is ok to share information, but do you feel like you were forced to share prematurely? Are you the only one sharing?

It robs you of your strength and purpose. This is a result of being around the Spirit of Delilah after a certain period of time. It will drain you, mentally, physically and spiritually.

It will began to take you away from your faith, and your flesh will began to reign. This spirit hated that Samson’s mother made a Nazirite Vow for him when he was in her womb. It waged war for Samson to denounce his faith from his conception

It aims to put you in unequally-yoked friendships/relationships with people and organizations. This is because it knows that if it can surround you with things contrary to your destiny, you will be more likely to fail.

It uses beauty to seduce the mind. It has been said that you can draw more bees with honey. This spirit knows that, and it is for this reason it aims to seduce you with beauty, and good things. Think of two people, one that always agree with you, and another that does not mind telling you the truth. We normally prefer those who make us feel good, and uplifted all the time, but it is not wise to surround ourselves with agreement all the time. It could be a precursor for seduction.

It can come with the face of a male, or female because it is an attitude. Do not get hung up on it being only a female.

It can lead you to cross the line of godliness, it is a lethal and wicked weapon. It is sent to find out your weaknesses, and use it against you. It impaired Samson’s judgement, enticed him and cause him to lose his vision literally, and spiritually.  

It is nagging, probing, and relentless. It will not stop until it breaks you down as a person, because it wants to destroy the foundation of your confidence.

Delilah can be in money, power, position, title, drugs, or a person. It can be anything sent to find out your weaknesses, to bring you down.

Samson was emotionally blinded by the allure of Delilah. You cannot compromise what you stand for, be careful of the temptation of people to lead you away from your values. Do not be blinded by flattery and false desires of friendship.

Take time to pray about your associations. The Spirit of Delilah may have already entered your midst, as a Trojan Horse.

The school bell has rung, class dismissed!

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  1. marlagro says:

    Hi Kamina, good post. I have 2 long time friends that I discovered aren’t truly following what Jesus teaches. I spoke to my Bible study leader and she said this will happen more and more. Matthew 10:34. Have you encountered this recently? I’m sad.


    1. Hi Marla, thank you 😊 sorry to hear that about your two friends. It is a sad occurrence when people fall away from the faith. Personally, I have not encountered it recently, but have known it to happen to people who used to be believers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. marlagro says:

        Thank you Kamina.


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