Do you Dislike Someone Because of a Lie?

The school bell has rung, class is now in session.

I came across this profound quote, and wanted to discuss it further.

It is not always you

I consider this quote important enough to write about because I believe we all have experienced it at some point in our lives; either on the giving or receiving end.

The Receiving End

Let’s say you are getting along quite well with those around you and all of a sudden you notice friction with a person or group of people. You start to wonder, “What on earth went wrong? Why have they turned against me?”

Phase 1 – They like you Phase 2 – In doubt of you Phase 3 – Cold against you

These types of questions may flood your mind, with only silence as your answer. People being hot and cold can be perplexing at times, but I wanted to provide this quote as a possible answer.


If you are subjected to people or a person, getting along with you one moment, but turning away the next; it may not be you at all.

It could very well be that the person was been given false information about you, and instead of asking you about the information; they choose to believe it instead. This happens all the time! I have experienced it more than once. I would get along with a person, and suddenly their disposition towards me would change without warning or explanation.

I would not be able to put my figure on it initially, but after seeking the Lord through prayer, and reading His Word (Bible), I determined in some cases that they were told a lie about me.

The person would never ask me about it, but would choose to believe the lie instead. It could be that they were told I felt a certain way about them, did or said a certain thing about others, or planned to do a certain thing. All or part of this would happen unbeknownst to me. Slowly, but surely, the atmosphere would begin to grow toxic, and I would not understand why.

I have seen this in the Bible, where God allowed His servants to be lied on. When this occurred, it would often be a test of character. This is also true today. If someone lies on you, the first inclination is to defend yourself, get upset or lose your motivation. This is not the right response all the time. It is best to encourage yourself, while also allowing your character and work ethic to prove the liars wrong.

Sadly, there will be times when doing the right thing will not change peoples’ mind, because their minds are made up against you. You may ask, why is that? My theory is that there are times when it feels good to join with people against others, because it makes those people feel empowered. They do not always like to give up this power, and deciding they were wrong about you, would take that power away.

Personally, I have made peace when being treated unlawfully because ultimately I need my conscience to be clear before the Lord. I have been lied on, and will be lied on more times in the future. I still choose to do what is right, and allow the Lord to take vengeance on those people, not myself. That is why I pray for them, because I want the Lord to have mercy on them.

If you have these experiences, examine yourself, see if there is anything you need to do to make things right with others. Go to them and make sure you have not wronged them. If they say all is well, but continue to act indifferent, be at peace.

*Story Time* In the past I was approached by a few people who let me know that someone had said some ugly things about me in front of others, and they were upset because there was no basis for the information. I went to that person and without revealing the sources, and asked if I had done anything to them, because I had been told that they said unkind things about me. That person appeared shaken up, and said they had not said anything and did not have a problem with me. I went on to asked in a soft manner, if they were sure I had not offended them? The person responded with a yes. Later in the day, that same person told others I had approached them, and discussed me even more harshly than before. I had even heard some of it with my own ears, and it made me very sad, but I realized I could not always win. That person, along with others, had already made up their minds about me, even though I barely knew them.

I just want to encourage you that if you are experiencing unexplained coldness among a group or person, it may not be because of anything you have said or done. It may be the result of a person or group sharing untruths about you.

The Giving End

This will be short because if for some reason you have been the person who have spread falsehoods about others, repent and choose not to do it from this point on. Lying on people stem from jealousy, and you do not have a reason to be jealous because you are unique, and have something to offer others that no-one else can.

There is no reason to operate in lies and deception. Reflect about this and choose to be different going forward.

Matthew 7:12

The school bell has rung, class dismiss!

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